Big brother social worker twins: your verdict

You have voted. The Big Brother social work student twins, Sam and Amanda Marchant, who “find politics confusing” and claim to dislike “depressed people”, may have survived a public eviction vote on the programme but Community Care readers have been far less forgiving.

You decided by a margin of more than two to one to boot the pink-loving twins out of the Big Brother house for crimes against social work.

“Social workers will never achieve professional status and be respected along with teachers, doctors, solicitors and nurses and other professionals with the twins doing the PR work for the job.”
Pauline Felstead

“I don’t feel that they have brought the profession of social work into disrepute. However I do worry about their lack of experience and general knowledge. Will they learn enough about the “outside world” over the next four years to help them stand up to the abuse, neglect, violence and challenges that they will face in their career?”
Sarah Shaw

“They appear to live lifestyles in their communities which would call into question their abilities to look after themselves, let alone anyone else.”
Ian Ross

“I have questioned whether future service users would ever be able to take either of the twins seriously having now viewed them on reality TV in their underwear. It does show that social workers are human too though. Would we be having this debate if they were training in another field?”
Ruby Whitelaw

“I think the twins are a breath of fresh air for the social work profession.”
Laura Pitman

This article appeared in the 23 August issue under the headline “You give the Twincredibles the thumbs down”


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