Editorial Comment: Make social work greener

It may not have felt like it last week, but Met Office figures confirm the UK is getting warmer.

Global warming is becoming a reality with all its sinister implications for the predictability and severity of our weather.

As new coal-fired power stations continue to be lobbed up and rainforests razed, it would be easy to abdicate responsibility.

But, we know social workers are made of sterner stuff. So, this first issue of year is dedicated to helping you make a difference environmentally.

There’s good advice for your personal life and how to reduce your carbon footprint at work.

And, just as the government is asking itself what the environmental impact is of its policies, why don’t you ensure the carbon cost of your projects and services are being calculated.

On a bigger stage, ten new eco-towns are to be developed. It’s an opportunity for social care to help shape new communities that are inclusive and dynamic as well as being environmentally sensitive.

We have to overcome the pessimism that surrounds the issue and do what we can – this New Year is as good a starting point as any.

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