Ombudsman: Trafford refuses full compensation for care failure

The local government ombudsman has told Trafford Council to think again today after it offered only a fraction of the recommended compensation to the family of a young disabled woman.

Ombudsman Anne Seex found the council guilty of maladministration in July 2007 over its failure to find a suitable long-term placement for Daisy, the disabled daughter of Mr and Mrs Kaye (not their real names). Seex said that the council had carried out a flawed needs assessment. She recommended that the family be paid £100,000 to reimburse the cost of caring for Daisy at home since August 2005, as well as for the anxiety and stress caused.

A meeting of the council in September agreed that there had been shortcomings in the transition to a permanent adult placement, but only offered £10,000 in compensation. In response to this, Seex reissued her original report todayin the hope that councillors would change their minds. She said: “I am disappointed by the council’s response and its unwillingness to recognise that the payment I recommended reflected the payments that it should have made for the young woman’s care over the period.”

A council spokesperson said that Daisy is due to move into a new purpose built home within the next few weeks. She added: “The council has now received the ombudsman’s further report, which will be considered at a future management executive. Until the executive has considered this report it would be inappropriate to comment further on it.”

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