News round-up: Jersey police discount ‘bone’ evidence in probe


Jersey abuse case: doubts over bone fragment evidence
A fragment of bone which prompted the extensive excavation of a children’s care home in Jersey has been ruled out of the island’s abuse investigation after scientists concluded it may only be a piece of wood.

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Commerce in schools put under spotlight
An inquiry ordered by the schools secretary, Ed Balls, into the impact of the commercial world on children is to investigate the government’s own policies of encouraging schools to link up to businesses and setting up sponsored academies.

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Government launches alcohol abuse ads
The Department of Health is launching the first stage of a £10m drive to tackle binge drinking with a TV campaign about the units of alcohol in different drinks.

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Couple consult lawyer over holiday headlines
A couple whose young children were temporarily taken into care while on holiday in Portugal have hired a libel lawyer to seek damages over media coverage.

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Parents to get power to call in school inspectors
Parents will be able to instigate an Ofsted inspection of their child’s school if they feel that teachers are coasting or failing to stretch pupils to their full potential, under an important reform of the school inspection system.

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Barristers in family cases face big cut in fees
Ministers are preparing a fresh onslaught on barristers’ legal aid fees that will involve a huge cut in their pay rates for family and children’s cases.

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Hepatitis B rise leads to migrant screening call
One in ten of the Chinese immigrant population in Britain is carrying the hepatitis B virus, a survey suggests, leading to calls for all migrants to be screened upon entering the country.

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Police chief Peter Fahy: Discrimination holds back black officers
Black and Asian officers are being held back from top jobs in the force by “whispering campaigns”, according to a senior police chief.

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