CSCI launches consultation on adult care performance regime

The Commission for Social Care Inspection today launched a consultation on reforming the adult social care peformance assessment regime for councils.

CSCI said the review was designed to ensure councils were assessed in accordance with key government policy drivers. These include increasing choice and control for users, empowering councils to respond to local needs, integrating health and social care and improving advice and information on social care.

Under the plans, councils will continue to be judged against the seven outcomes in the 2006 care white paper – health and well-being, quality of life, making a positive contribution, choice and control, freedom from discrimination or harassment, economic well-being and personal dignity – as well as leadership and commissioning.

But CSCI is proposing to amend the requirements councils will have to meet to deliver on each outcome, in line with the demands of the government’s Putting People First agenda to personalise care services through personal budgets and related measures.

The regulator is also proposing to reshape the self-assessment survey all councils must provide to ensure local authorities no longer have to supply the same information to both CSCI and the government’s Information Centre for health and social care. Councils will also have greater opportunities to provide local evidence of improved outcomes.

The consultation runs until 8 August.

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