Diary of a social work student

Monday I went to my placement at 9am, after a weekend of revision for my law exam this Friday. My eyes are feeling heavy after sitting for three hours typing up my assessments, need some more coffee! I then nip out to get lunch a whispa chocolate bar for my cravings and a sandwich. On the way back to the office I think about going to the gym. Finished typing up two assessments, never went to the gym as I was too wired from drinking coffee all day. For the evening I had the book Law for Social Work to keep me entertained.

Tuesday I cycled to the office today. Finished off typing my assessments and, with a coffee boost, I went to the gym after placement. I exercised for 40 minutes on the tread mill at speed 11 and felt totally revitalised. Had a healthy tea of salmon, cous cous and broccoli to keep up my strength. Then thought “oh no, only three days left until my exam”, better read about how a person is sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Wednesday Overslept. I quickly had a shower then cycled very fast to work and arrived dripping of sweat. Shouldn’t have bothered with the shower. Today is team meeting day, we discussed how the new team was progressing after a recent restructure. I always like team meeting because the staff bring in lots of cakes and fruit, which of course is my breakfast and sets me up for the day.

Thursday Last day before the dreaded law exam. My first visit today entailed cycling up a steep hill, but it’s all good exercise. Knocked on the door – no answer – typical. Cycled back down hill to visit a mother who was stressed because her daughter has not been going to school and she has been fined £2,500 because of it. I was there for some time consoling her but in my head kept thinking about the definition of parental responsibility under the Children Act 1989.

Friday 10am law exam. Went to the toilet three times before sitting down for the exam – in a freezing hall. I hate this university and can’t wait to qualify as a social worker. The exam was over at 1pm but did not go well, it was very hard and I might not have done enough revision given I was on placement all week. I went to the pub to drown my sorrows with some fellow students and did not get home till 3am. What a week!

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