Conduct: Social worker accuses GSCC of trying to ‘smear’ her

A social worker facing misconduct allegations has accused the General Social Care Council of trying to “smear” her name.
Jacinta Hofstetter told a conduct committee yesterday that the GSCC’s investigation, the result of an anonymous complaint, had been “one-sided and biased”.
In her statement, which took more than two hours to read, Hofstetter said: “There is a perceived bias of the GSCC towards employers and against employees and this investigation seems to reinforce these worries.”
Smear claim

“The GSCC did everything they could to smear my name and ignore my evidence,” she said.
Hofstetter, who qualified in 1994, was sacked for gross misconduct by Brent Council, north London, in August 2002 but later won undisclosed damages for unfair dismissal.
She is appearing before the committee on a range of charges including that she allegedly told a child that a permanent foster placement had been found for him without telling those who were caring for him.
Accused of rudeness

It is also alleged that she was rude and abusive to the person appointed to undertake her disciplinary investigation.
Another of the allegations is that she failed to inform Barnet Adoption Agency, which was assessing her and her husband as adopters, that she had been dismissed for gross misconduct.
Hofstetter said that she had not believed it had any impact on how she would care for a child, adding: “I did not think there was any connection between the two things.”
Incorrect employment dates

She denies all the charges but admits she had provided incorrect employment dates on her CV by mistake.
Hofstetter said the allegations were malicious and the result of her complaining about “appalling standards” at Brent Council.

An allegation that Hofstetter failed to mention in her application to the GSCC her dismissal from Brent Council for gross misconduct was dropped in October 2008. However, the allegation that she gave an inaccurate account of her employment history at Brent Council in her application to the GSCC remained.

A further allegation that Hofstetter advised Child Three that a permanent foster placement had been found for him was dropped in October 2008. However allegations that she did not tell the children’s home that she would inform the child that the placement had been found and that she did not update Child Three on progress of the placement both remained.

Hostetter denies all the allegations.

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