Book review: The Value Base of Social Work and Social Care

The Value Base of Social Work and Social Care

Adam Barnard et al

McGraw Hill

ISBN 9780335222148

This book sets the scene of the value base in social work and social care and places it in context. The style of writing, which addresses students, practitioners and educators alike, is refreshing: it provides an active learning approach to the value base, and learning is consolidated by the range of exercises and activities at the end of each chapter.

The book enables the reader to delve as far into this area as is desired – the book’s active learning style allows the reader to be informed about the subject matter, but also affords the opportunity for further research by posing thought-provoking questions which can leave the reader wanting more.

The chapter on “service user values for social work and social care”, for example, looks at how control and liberalism are being brought together and asks what the consequences of that will be.

There are many examples of value-linked experiences that can be related to everyday practice which serves to reinforce the understanding.

This book is an excellent starting point for anyone involved in social work and social care in whatever guise.

Alison Ellis is a project manager at workforce development agency Humberhub

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