Dementia cases to double in next 20 years

Dementia cases to double in next 20 years, say researchers

The number of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease is soaring around the world and will nearly double in the next 20 years, according to a report published today.

The report, by a team of researchers led by Professor Martin Prince of the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, says that by next year there will be 35 million people globally with dementia. By 2030, that will have risen to 65.7 million and the steep rise will continue to more than 115 million by 2050.

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CBI advises raising university fees to £5,000 a year to tackle funding crisis

• Suspend target of 50% in higher education – report
• State ‘should cut grants and increase loan rates’

Students should be made to pay thousands of pounds more for degrees to offset the inevitable decline in government spending on universities, according to plans put forward by business leaders today.

The Confederation of British Industry said students should bear the brunt of a proposed funding overhaul to deal with a growing crisis in university finance. Under the plans, they face a triple blow of increased loan interest, fewer grants and higher tuition fees. One figure mooted is for annual tuition fees to rise to £5,000.

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Nick Clegg tries to talk his way out of trouble after call for ‘savage’ cuts

Nick Clegg has conceded that he may have gone too far in calling for “savage” public spending cuts as he used an interview with The Times to ease tensions within his party over his choice of language.

Members of the Liberal Democrat frontbench team have said privately that they were horrified at their party leader’s use of the word, which they said implied that he was enthusiastic about cutting the size of the State.

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Machetes by the door, drugs on the table – and mothers paid by the state to have babies with men they barely know. What HAVE we done to the British family?
It’s the most destructive crisis of our age  –  a generation of violent, illiterate, lawless young men living outside civilised society.
The Mail asked a leading investigative journalist to spend nine months exploring their world.
Here, in the second part of a fascinating series, she reveals her chilling findings  –  and exposes how the benefit system is breeding boys condemned to a life of crime and despair because they’ve never known the benefit of a loving family. . .

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‘Britain-obsessed’ asylum seekers should be let in at earliest convenience, says Europe’s justice supremo

Europe’s Justice Commissioner will today demand a change in the law to allow ‘Britain-obsessed’ asylum seekers into the UK at their earliest convenience.

Jacques Barrot, a former French minister, believes the reform would assist migrants who are sleeping rough in Calais, waiting for a chance to enter Britain.

This includes hundreds who will be evicted this week from the notorious ‘Jungle’ squat in the town, which riot police plan to destroy.

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Two three-year-old boys investigated for vandalism become youngest criminal suspects in British history

Two boys aged three have become the youngest suspects in British criminal history.

They were questioned by police, in separate cases, after complaints of vandalism.
The two are among ten children under six who have been subject to investigations for crimes including sexual offences and criminal damage.
The figures, from officials in Scotland, include a five-year-old boy cautioned for lewd behaviour.

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