Gordon Brown refuses to give full backing to attorney general

Gordon Brown refuses to give full backing to attorney general

Gordon Brown today refused to say whether Lady Scotland will remain in the government as attorney general after it emerged that she faces a fine for breaking the rules about employing illegal immigrants.

An investigation has reportedly concluded that Scotland, who unwittingly employed a housekeeper from Tonga who was not entitled to work in the UK, committed a “technical breach” of the rules.

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Jealous mother who killed her two daughters to get back at her ex-husband told one girl five years ago: ‘I wish you were dead’

A ‘volatile and aggressive’ mother was able to slaughter her two teenage daughters despite warning teachers five years ago that she wanted one of the girls dead.

Rekha Kumari-Baker, 41, stabbed 16-year-old Davina 39 times and 13-year-old Jasmine more than 20 times as they slept in their beds.

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Prejudiced teachers too quick to brand children ‘naughty’

Children are being labelled “naughty” as a result of their teachers’ views of their home backgrounds, says a major study published today. It adds that once children are tagged as troublesome it is difficult to shake off that reputation.

The study, commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council, looked at the behaviour of children aged four and five in reception classes. It found that teachers were worried about youngsters kicking and punching each other in class, as well as repeatedly calling out or not sitting properly during lessons. Youngsters who behaved in this way, however, were not always singled out as troublemakers.

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Closure of Calais ‘Jungle’ will not stem flow of migrants

“There will be other Jungles,” the 16-year-old Afghan said. “There are lots of forests around here.”

As migrants in Calais waited for the planned closure of their makeshift camp by French police this morning, they said it would do little to dent their determination to reach Britain. Last night all but a few dozen had left the Jungle, a patch of sandy ground in woodlands near an industrial estate on the outskirts of town.

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Dementia sufferers set to double every 20 years

The number of people with dementia will almost double every 20 years across the world, researchers predicted today.

British experts calculated figures for the number of people worldwide who will suffer dementia , including Alzheimer’s disease, in the future.

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