Cyber-bullying now most common form

‘Chemical cosh’ for dementia kills 1,800 a year

About 145,000 people with dementia are wrongly being prescribed powerful anti-psychotic medication which cause around 1,800 deaths a year, a Government-ordered review has found.

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Cyber-bullying now the most common form of bullying

Nearly half of England’s 14-year-olds have been a victim of bullying and cyber-bullying is now the joint most common form, according to new research.

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300,000 coin £20k in benefit bonanza

A SHOCKING 300,000 homes pocket more than £20,000 a year in benefits, ministers admitted yesterday.

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Caging foreign lags costs UK £3.4billion

JAILING foreign lags has cost the UK £3.4BILLION since 1997, The Sun can reveal.

The number behind bars has more than doubled – because of a failure to kick out convicted overseas gangsters, drug dealers and fraudsters.

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Ruling opens court of protection to media

A secretive court will open to the media for the first time after a judgment lifted the lid on proceedings concerning a celebrity with severe learning difficulties.

In a case being described as a victory for openness, the court of protection will allow the media to attend hearings about whether a young man with an international reputation should have decisions made for him by others.

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