Social work careers guide

You've completed the degree and the practice placements and graduated with flying colours – but where to next? We offer you some handy pointers to get you on the road to your first social work job.

How to get your social work career on the move, in association with Unison

Did you know students can join for just £10 a year?

Five top tips for completing social work job applications

Jonathan Wadsworth, director of recruitment agency Charles Hunter Associates, explains how to make your local authority job application stand out

Social work career paths

Gordon Carson suggests some possible social work career paths once you’ve qualified, including expected pay and responsibilities

Managing stress in social work

Stress is a common complaint among social workers. Unison national officer for social work Helga Pile explains how you should stop it before it takes hold

Saying no to higher social work caseloads

Taking on excessive work can lead to burnout and poor service. Kirsty McGregor looks at how social workers can keep a lid on caseloads by learning to say “no”

How to make your social work job application stand out

From application to interview, there are some basic rules that will improve your chances in the social work job market, writes Nick Martindale

Social work registration: what you need to know

All social workers need to be aware of the requirements of the job, including registration and conduct. Sally Gillen explains

Finding the right social work job

Social workers can be employed by councils, primary care trusts, mental health trusts, prisons and schools. Anabel Unity Sale explores the alternatives on offer

What’s it like being a social worker?

Six social workers offer their personal views on the profession and what they find most rewarding about their work

What does social work involve?

The College of Social Work set out the contribution of social work to the wellbeing and care of people and communities

Diary of a social worker

Anonymous social workers from across the country give their take on a typical working week in our Diary blog

Ask questions and get involved in discussions about social work careers with students and social workers on CareSpace

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