Service user’s ex-partner threatened to bomb social worker

A man who threatened to kill his ex-partner's social worker by blowing up her office has been given a suspended jail sentence.

A man who threatened to kill his ex-partner’s social worker by bombing her office has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Simon Dukes said he would blow up one of Bath and North East Somerset Council’s offices because he believed the social worker had sabotaged his relationship with his former partner by recommending that she leave him, Bristol Crown Court was told.

During interviews with a probation worker and psychiatric nurse, Dukes said he would use a gun in the offices and that he knew how to make the explosive Semtex.

He also said he would be willing to wait outside the social services office in Keynsham for three days for the arrival of the female social worker he wanted to kill. The council reported the incident to the police.

Dukes later played down the threats to the court, saying he had “no intention of hurting her, but wanted to be taken seriously”.

Jason Taylor, defending, said Dukes had no idea why social services thought he was a risk to his ex-partner or her children and felt “the system was against him”.

Dukes, of no fixed address, admitted making threats to kill and to destroy or damage property. He was this week jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years, two years’ supervised probation and 200 hours’ unpaid work.

He will also have to complete a 30-day anger management programme.

The social worker continues to work at Bath and North East Somerset Council. The spokesperson said: “Full support and guidance on personal security was given to the member of staff. We continue to assess the risk to all members of staff and will take any steps necessary to ensure their safety and security.”

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