Meet social work’s top bloggers no.2: Ermintrude2

In our latest profile of social care's top bloggers, social worker Ermintrude2 tells us how blogging helps frontline workers get their voice heard and a bizarre request to write-up care plans for some furry friends.

Q: What’s your name/pseudonym?

A: Ermintrude2 – the ‘2’ is because someone already had Ermintrude!

Q: Where can we find you on the Twitter/blogosphere?

A: My Twitter ID is @ermintrude2. I blog (among others) at Not So Big Society and post occasionally on Connecting Social Care and Social Media

Q: What three words would best describe your blog?

A: Collaborative, informative, current

Q: What’s your role in social care?

A: I’m currently a social worker/Approved Mental Health Professional/Best Interest Assessor in a Community Mental Health Team but will be changing roles soon.

Q: Why did you start blogging/tweeting?

A: There has been a lot of changes in social care and social policy and I felt I had something to say about it. Not So Big Society was set up in collaboration with others to give a space for people working in health and social care the opportunity to give our views ‘from the ground’.

Q: If you could recommend one of your blog posts to social workers what would it be?

A: It’s hard because a lot of my posts are around ‘current affairs’ rather than social work specifically, but I’d probably choose this one – Making social work better – simply because it defines why I blog.

My voice as a non-management frontline professional is not so loud. But by having a blog, I know some of my ideas and the things I see may be seen by people who are in a position to make changes. I want the profession to grow and become more proud of itself.

Q: Can you recommend a social care blog (apart from your own)?

A: The How not to do social work blog by social worker and Tweeter @simplysw  is great. Plus, The Masked AMHP is a must read for anyone connected with social work.

Q: Favourite non-social care blog?

A: The World of Mentalists for its broad perspective on mental health

A: What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in social work?

Writing out a care plan for a cat and a dog we were ‘placing’ in a shelter while owners were in hospital  which I had to do because there were costs attached. It was one of those moments when you realise the paperwork has overtaken common sense. I’ll never forget my sparkling care plans for ‘Fido’ and ‘Tigger’.

Q: What one tip would you give to NQSWs or people thinking about becoming social workers?

A: Don’t get trapped into negativity. This is a profession to be proud of and if we want to make it better, we have to do it ourselves. We don’t become social workers for people to thank us. Just think simply how would YOU (or your parent/child/friend/partner) like to be treated/talked to/respected and much of the rest will follow.

Q: What’s your most hated social care jargon?

A: RAS – Resource Allocation System

Q: Best biscuit for a tea break?

A: I have a weakness for Twixes.


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