How to banish the blame culture in children’s social work: lessons from Flanders

The UK could learn a lot from the child protection system in Belgium, where all children are assigned a support worker from birth, says Edge Hill University researcher Dr Jadwiga Leigh

Shadow of an adult and child
Credit: Gary Brigden

A senior lecturer at Edge Hill University has devised some steps to alleviate the blame culture in UK social work, based a study of child protection in Flanders, Belgium.

Dr Jadwiga Leigh was a social worker for 10 years and experienced first-hand the impact an embedded blame culture can have on practice: “I was becoming increasingly paranoid about the decisions I was making and started to feel myself focusing less on the families I was working with and more on ticking all the boxes.”

In this podcast, she explains why she looked to Europe for a solution:

Dr Leigh will present her research at Edge Hill on 27 March 2014, as part of the university’s free social work lecture series.

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