12 Christmas gifts every social worker needs

If Santa lands his dream job as Lapland's director of social services these could be filling your stocking...

1. A Michael Gove ‘voodoo pin cushion’ (yup, you read that right)

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The perfect gift for social workers that like to sew while releasing pent up rage at politicians’ treatment of the profession. Don’t sew? You can also use the woolen Mr Gove as an ‘acupuncture practice face’, according to the Snorkers Imaginarium Crochet Emporium.

2. Emergency biscuit tin

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No social work office should be without a good biscuit tin. This one, via presentminded on ebay, looks perfect for those days when comfort food is going to be the only way to see you through.

3. …and what to stick on it to make sure there’s a biscuit left for you

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4. The perfect cuppa

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Because a good brew is a daily essential. Via cafepress.co.uk.

5. Hotdesk no more!

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Had enough of trying to track down the only free ‘hot desk’ in your office? Fear not. For just £16 you can get yourself one of these, er, ‘portable desks’. Writing up reams of statutory reports would be no bother on one of these. Honest.

6. A local authority jargon buster

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Next time you get an email/report/missive littered with management speak just consult this handy guide by Steven Poole.

7. The gift that swears so you don’t have to! 

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You know when you have those moments where you think ‘I’d feel so much better about this complex job if only I had a minuscule punch bag that uttered expletives when I hit it’? Well, this one’s for you.

8. Classic social work chic

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Play up to the ‘sandal-wearing hippy’ social work stereotype with pride with this classic Birkenstock t-shirt.

9. D.I.S.C.O. up your office

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Bring a bit of Saturday Night Fever to your expenses and mileage claims with this stunning music-playing ‘disco calculator’. Good excuse to wear flares to the office too.

10. Measure your stress…

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In a gift that’s part Wheel of Fortune/part occupational health measure, let The Oracle Stress-O-Meter judge whether you’re ‘horrendously hassled’, ‘in meltdown’ or … as ‘cool as a cucumber’.

11. …then try to bust it

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Yup, it’s a work phone-shaped stress ball. Probably cheaper and easier than breaking the real thing eh?

12. And if the above doesn’t work there’s always…

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ebay.co.uk (click through to item)

Merry Christmas from all at Community Care!

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  1. Katrina Stiff December 18, 2013 at 10:48 pm #

    Thank you for including my Michael Gove Voodoo Pincushion!! That has made my day!! 😀 X