Your views on ADCS president’s ‘crap social workers’ comment

Alan Wood's claim that universities are turning out 'crap social workers' has provoked a storm of anger on Twitter. Here is a selection of the comments

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One Response to Your views on ADCS president’s ‘crap social workers’ comment

  1. Richard Howarth July 12, 2014 at 1:57 pm #

    Unfortunately the wrong choice of words though equally importantly he is making a valid point. There are social workers who are less than focussed, less than committed, out of their depth, unable to make clear/correct decisions and, at times – actually dangerous in terms of poor/risky practice. Having said this, there are many more committed and dedicated workers who need to be recognised and acknowledged as such. Social Work is facing a crisis and this contributes to the vulnerability of children. There are clear instances of dangerous/risky practice and recognition of the need for improved support and supervision. There is no ‘Cheap’ fix for this problem and blame and retribution also does little to assist in the current climate. Perhaps a climate of less restructuring, improved support systems, a better ratio of social workers/support workers and realistic caseloads would provide some hope. If there are people who are really not up to the job, then help them to recognise. Two straightforward choices in my view – improve or move on. In the long term, if we want a quality and responsive Children’s Service then Governments (Central and Local) need to face up to the task ahead and make sure the necessary/required resources are available to remedy what appears to be becoming a somewhat entrenched issue/problem – Not good for the Local Authorities; not good for the Practitioners and most importantly – Damaging to the well-being of the Young People who deserve a better deal and a more positive future.