Hull is reclaiming frontline practice

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We have a vision for children’s social care in Hull and that’s to keep children and young people at the centre of our practice. We are passionate about providing the best care and support for our families and also about ensuring our staff feel they are skilled, secure and supported in making professional decisions.

We have confidence that all families have the potential to change and provide safe homes for their children in which to live. With the support of our committed staff and support networks, we look to achieve permanent homes for all of our looked-after children without delay. We have one primary strategy:

“Help more families care for their children safely at home.”

Our ambition is to fundamentally change the way in which we deliver care to our children and young people with an overriding purpose to:

“Create a service in which the conditions for outstanding practice are assured and the best outcomes for children and families are achieved”

That’s why, in Hull, we are reclaiming our frontline practice. We feel it is imperative to providing the best support and care to families in Hull. We believe that frontline practitioners need to spend more time with families and less time doing administrative tasks and social workers need to be able to prioritise direct work over assessment.

We also feel strongly that managers should be allowed the time to work on the system and support the professional decision-making of practitioners. Current administrative burdens need to be released and instead, the time dedicated to developing an environment in which practitioners can thrive and families can receive the best possible help.

Our ambition is to create the right conditions for outstanding practice, to deliver better services and outcomes for children.

The changes to our service are exciting and significant and mean that the majority of social work is now delivered through small social work pods, each pod having therapeutic/clinical support and a post which completes many of the administrative tasks, previously completed by social workers.

We are committed to systemic practice and leadership at all levels, and are making efforts to dispense with wasteful bureaucracy and process, where we can.  The priority is about focusing on the things which matter most in achieving positive outcomes for children and young people; supporting practitioners to focus on the quality of relationships with children and young people, quality assessment, quality direct work and care.

Hull is an exciting place to be right now. Things are happening. Winning the title of UK City of Culture 2017 is a critical milestone in this great Yorkshire city’s rejuvenation. Recent major investment from global companies like Siemens mean the city’s regeneration is now in full swing and the country’s perceptions of Hull are changing for the better.

Be part of it.

If these things matter to you too, then Hull might be the place for you.

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