Social care jargon: do you know your innovation from your elbow?

Community Care's handy guide to social care jargon

Photo: flickr/ Wil Taylor

Do you know your social work jargon? Or are you a corporate nonsense novice? Community Care has translated some of our favourite public sector jargon into one handy guide.

1. Cost effective measures

Budget cuts

2. Cost neutral measures

Doing more stuff with no extra money


3. Frugal innovation

Finding new ways to do more stuff with no extra money

4. Service transformation

Budget cuts


5. Change management

Figure out how to do the same job with less money

6. Competitive commissioning

Demanding more stuff from others for less money


7. Service is under pressure

Budget cuts

8. Early intervention

That’s someone else’s responsibility


9. Flexible working

Typing your assessments from your car with a travel thermos

10. Reviewing our structures

Looking at who we can fire


11. MASH

Not a delicious side dish, but a multi-agency safeguarding hub


Multi-agency risk assessment conference, not to be confused with the musical instrument played by Bez of Happy Mondays fame


13. SWET

Social work evidence template, not to be confused with…you get the idea

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