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Community Care Inform's Guide to effective caseload allocation offers useful tools to monitor and allocate workload for social workers

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As part of our Stand up for Social Work campaign, we are making selected guides from Community Care Inform free for a limited period. Guide to effective caseload allocation is now available to support managers and front line workers in ensuring caseloads are safe for service users and staff wellbeing.


It follows a Community Care Investigation which revealed less than one in 10 councils know if the caseloads amongst their social work teams are exceeding safe benchmarks.

Conducted as part of our campaign commitment to being honest about the challenges social workers face, the Freedom of Information request – responded to by 112 councils – investigated the take-up of the recommended standards for employers of social workers. 70% of councils that responded did not use a workload management tool in adults’ services and had no plans to implement one. The corresponding figure for children’s services was 57%.

Guide to effective caseload allocation helps managers achieve the third standard for employers – safe workloads and case allocation – which is designed to “protect employees and service users from the harm caused by excessive workloads, long waiting lists and unallocated cases”.

This practical guide explains different models for workload allocation, how points-based systems can be used for very complex cases and how caseloads can be benchmarked. It can be used by managers at an organisational and team level. It can also help front line workers talk to colleagues and managers about possible solutions to unsafe caseloads within a team.

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