13 essential Christmas gifts for social workers

Community Care's annual rundown on the best Christmas gifts for social workers

Photo: Etsy/Mug Country

Christmas is an annual event where people give gifts to one another, eat food and – this year – sit around the family table awkwardly listening to family members’ conflicting views on Brexit.

In the spirit of annual events that involve gifts and laughing uncomfortably until it’s all over, here is Community Care’s 2016 edition of essential Christmas gifts for social workers.

For the gentle reflections on what you like about your job


Photo: Etsy/Yetty Designs. Get this tea mat on Etsy.

For getting you through your three hour ‘October strategy for mouse clicking innovation’ meeting


Photo: Etsy/Mug Country. Get this mug on Etsy.

For when you’ve decided to make your management style a little tougher


Photo: Etsy/Wraptious. Get this t-shirt on Etsy.

For when the local authority decides to save money by reducing your heating privileges to bi-quarterly sessions of 20 minutes


Photo: Firebox. Get this heated pillow on Firebox.

For the co-worker who says yes to every tea round but doesn’t really like drinking tea all that much


Photo: Totally Funky. Get this mug heater on Totally Funky.

For when Ofsted inspectors want you to improve your focus and task delegation


Photo: Amazon. Get this To Do List on Amazon.

For when you want to save time by scooting around offices on your chair, but also want to be conscious of safety


Photo: Amazon. Get this reversing alarm on Amazon.

For when you’ve had your chair privileges revoked for reversing into people


Photo: Oristand. Get this foldable standing desk on Oristand.

For feeling good about yourself


Photo: Etsy/Ampitupdesigns. Get this photo on Etsy.

For when you need something Christmassy and social worky so the headline of your gift article can’t be called misleading


Photo: Etsy/Social Work Tutor. Get this t-shirt on Etsy.



Photo: The Works. Get this book on The Works.

For when your local authority has decided to ‘improve’ your computer system


Photo: eBay/Sillyboytshirts. Get this t-shirt on eBay.

For when you need coffee so strong you’re willing to take a chance on whether you survive drinking it


Photo: Death Wish Coffee. Get this on Death Wish Coffee.

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2 Responses to 13 essential Christmas gifts for social workers

  1. Harrison December 14, 2016 at 7:47 pm #

    I want all of them, especially the mug, and the picture, and the coaster and the folding desk which will help with the hot desking. Yep all of them!

  2. David December 20, 2016 at 10:46 am #

    Lovely list! Particularly feeling the computer t-shirt – nothing more frustrating than when you’re in the middle of a task and the computer/internet starts having a mare.