12 essential Christmas gifts for social workers

It is Christmas, there are social workers, here are some Christmas gifts for social workers

So, this is Christmas, as the famous Beatle George Harrison may have said in conversation once. In that spirit of dispassionately describing the time of year, it is important we remember the true meaning of the festive season; poorly attributing quotes to members of the Beatles and only buying people presents which exclusively, or tenuously, act as a reference to jobs.

Here are some gifts you can buy the social worker in your life.

For the ones who reject the hero narrative

Source: Amazon.

For the ones whose late hours don’t mesh with the council’s new energy efficiency strategy

Source: ebay.

For the ones seeking impactful reflective supervision (or a place to properly consider terrible attempts at humour in Christmas listicles)

Source: Sainsbury’s.

For the ones who never leave their desks

Source: Amazon.

For the ones desperately committed to government efficiency strategies

Source: Amazon.

For the ones who want to aggressively challenge hot-desking policies using only natural materials

Source: Etsy.

For the ones who have to eat on the go but don’t want to cut corners on quality, warmth or on taking up as much space as possible

Source: ebay.

For the ones who want to be part of a modern, agile workforce (but aren’t)

Source: etsy.

For the social worker who doesn’t see the value in day four of the annual planning strategy conference

Source: etsy.

For the social worker who is aged between 22-26 and knows what Snapchat is

Source: etsy.

For managers celebrating their first Christmas

Source: A Great Read.

For the ones needing a reminder about why they got into the job

Source: Amazon.


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