Call for social workers and service users to give their views on adult social work research priorities

Social workers and service users asked to take survey on how to research the effectiveness and improvements for adult social work in England

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Frontline social workers asked for views on core topics to research effectiveness and ways to improve adult social work in England.

Social workers are being called to voice their opinions on the top priorities for research into the effectiveness of adult social work.

Initiated by the Department of Health, the survey forms part of a three-stage approach to identify and propose the priorities into the research needed to improve and assess the effectiveness of adult social work.

The approach is part of the Adult Social Work Priority Setting Partnership started by chief social worker for adults Lyn Romeo. The survey, which has been running since October 2017, will form the first stage and has two versions. One is for service users who are or have had contact with adult social work services while the other is for social workers or other practitioners within adult social work.

Peter Feldon, a British Association of Social Workers representative on the Priority Setting Partnership steering group, said that once the survey results were analysed there will be further research inviting those that have participated in the survey, along with others that want to participate.

Questions of effectiveness

“Our focus is on the effectiveness of adult social work, rather than social care, as there is not a lot of research in this area. We are looking for popular areas that participants consider are research priorities but also looking for particularly good and [insightful] questions,” he said.

There will then be an event comprised of frontline social work practitioners and service users, who will decide on the final priorities to be tabled as recommendations to the Department of Health.

Romeo published on her blog this week: “I feel strongly that the development and use of research and evidence has a central role in improving social work and professional practice. It is our duty and desire to get it right for the people we are here to serve.”

The survey closes on 14 January 2018.

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One Response to Call for social workers and service users to give their views on adult social work research priorities

  1. Dare December 22, 2017 at 3:18 pm #

    Regarding older people in care homes with dementia and fractures – currently no real care package – the nursing homes won’t cater to therapy enablement. Tend to be placed in immobile section where they deteriorate. There are mobility assists with a harness that support most of the person’s weight and allow them to walk – yet I can only see these in the USA. There should be proper care provided for these people – more research into care home policies to ensure they genuinely cater for individuals needs considering that is what is being paid for. My father was made to walk and stand for 2 weeks before he was sent to hospital where it was shown he had a break on his hip. Whilst a physiotherapist will visit, the home will not support this work in between visits which is why there should be an alternative walking aid since they won’t provide staff to enable him. I apologise if my writing is not coached in social care lingo but I am sure you will see where there is a need for research to protect the vulnerable from having funds taken without provision of the real care needed.