‘The most ‘complete’ story social work has’: social workers respond to episode two of Kiri

Kiri, channel 4's social work drama, got better reviews from the profession during episode two

Social worker Miriam with her dog Jessie. Picture: Channel 4

Episode two of Channel 4’s social work drama Kiri aired last night (17 January), and seemingly got better reviews of its portrayal of social work than episode one.

Many watching praised the show’s themes and portrayal of the difficult decisions inherent in social work.

This follows social workers saying they were ‘baffled’ by the first episode. What did you think of episode two?

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2 Responses to ‘The most ‘complete’ story social work has’: social workers respond to episode two of Kiri

  1. Maria January 19, 2018 at 7:59 am #

    During my career as a social worker you are rarely praised for the work despite the efforts and you only really know you get it right when nothing goes wrong. I love the job but it is extremely stressful because you are involved In life changing situations
    If your views differ to the majority and often easiest choices In terms of process and risk you’re putting your self out there. I remember being told to arrange an adoption for an 8 year old by senior management. When I said I didn’t agree and that would be my view in court, I was told I don’t have a view, my view is that of the local authority. I went to the guardian who agreed with me and when he protested, I was told off by my manager like a naughty child. Having said all that it’s the best job ever, you become totally absorbed. Kiri reflected some of these complexities. Well done

  2. John Ramsey January 19, 2018 at 9:23 am #

    A few years ago, I was both a Social worker and a Union rep, and I supported a colleague through a case very much like the one portrayed in Kiri; in fact, I think that the writer must have drawn on it for this drama. One thing I think the drama does get wrong is a meeting between the central character and someone I take to be her Union rep; “I have read your file”- what file would this be? Her employer hands over an HR record to the Union? Fat chance! And I would never have advised anyone to resign at that point in the proceedings. Less accurate on trade unions than on Social Workers, I think.