The options available if you want to progress in social work without moving into management

It may feel difficult to move up without becoming a manager, but our new guide sets out clear options for senior practitioners wanting to develop their careers in practice

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Read the Community Care Jobs guide, How to Get Ahead in Social Work Without Moving Into Management

Three quarters of social workers want to advance their careers without taking on managerial responsibilities.

This figure, taken from Community Care Jobs’ 2018 jobseeker survey, has been remarkably stable since our first such survey in 2014.

Generally, social work employers have been slow to respond to this desire among their workforce. It is not uncommon for experienced social workers to be faced with either a plateau in their career or changing employers if they do not want a team manager role.

Community Care Jobs has now produced a guide for social workers in this position to discover the options available to them.

It includes a breakdown of the wide range of job titles and responsibilities that fall into the ‘advanced practitioner’ category. It also has a directory of other social work roles and top tips on making strategic sideways moves. The increased skills and knowledge from such moves can make a CV much more impressive. Read the case study of social worker Lizzie Lake who has done just that.

Lastly, the guide reviews the array of jobs for social workers that lie outside of local authority work – from family court advisers to working with charities.

Use the handy four-step process listed at the end of the guide to evaluate your own career goals and how you can start work on achieving them today.

Read the guide now.

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