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Strong relationships are at the heart of what we do - a message from executive director for children, young people and learning, Lucy Butler

This is an exciting time to join us. We are committed to putting Children First and continually improving the services we provide to children, young people and families across West Sussex.

We are creating the right environment where good social work can flourish, with the correct structure and support in place to ensure this happens.

We have redesigned our children’s social care to implement the Family Safeguarding Model. The Family Safeguarding Model is a way of working with families so that they can stay together, and children can remain safely at home, where possible. Using this model, we work in a more collaborative way where parents are motivated to identify the changes needed within their own families, helping to achieve better outcomes for children.

The model supports children’s social workers to tackle the challenges of children’s safeguarding, particularly domestic abuse, substance misuse and mental health, through multi-disciplinary teams that can work with the adults in the family. This whole family approach to child protection provides help and support to children from different professions working as one team.

The model does not significantly change the current early help and targeted support services, but it does colocate these teams with the Family Safeguarding teams where possible.

We have an exciting new and fair pay offer for our social work staff which is commensurate within the marketplace and recognises the levels of responsibility within each of the different roles. These new arrangements include an extended career progression scheme.

In order to fully deliver on our commitment, we need more great social workers like you to join us and be part of the positive improvement work already taking place and help shape the way we work in the future.

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