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Podcast: child-focused case recording – what social workers should know

Cameron Draisey and Fiona Hayward, Wiltshire Council
Cameron Draisey and Fiona Hayward, Wiltshire Council

Employer Zone Insights looks at how Wiltshire Council has implemented an innovative way of writing which is putting young people first

In this episode of Employer Zone Insights we speak to principal social worker Fiona Hayward and child and youth voice worker Cameron Draisey, both from Wiltshire Council.

In 2020, after feedback from children and young people, Wiltshire’s children’s services made changes to how social workers wrote up reports and case records. This included avoiding using jargon to make reports more sensitive and thoughtful.

Fiona captured these changes in Ways of Writing, a chapter in a new book by principal social workers, Principles of Practice.

Fiona collaborated with Cameron and other young people to write this chapter. In the podcast they discuss how they met and how this way of writing is having a positive effect on young people and families. They also discuss how social workers at Wiltshire Council are implementing these new ways of writing in their case notes.


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The transcript of the podcast, Child-focused case recording – what social workers should know, is available here.

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