Cardiff is a growing city with a growing child demographic. As a result, social care in the city is having to plan alongside education, health, and employment agency partners on how it best delivers support to all families. As a child friendly city, we are committed to improving the life chances of the children in Cardiff. Not only do we want to be a thriving trauma-informed service we want to set ambition for all high.

Children's Services

Cardiff recognises the complex challenges faced by its communities and as such children’s services has been developing services alongside our youth Justice and 3rd sector partners to address knife crime and bolster diversionary interventions for potential young offenders. The city has a developing youth justice strategy.


Cardiff children services is proud of the progress we have achieved in developing the workforce and attracting newly qualified staff the service has a well thought out induction and progression plan for all its staff.


In seeking to retain staff we have included a market supplement and are in the process of reviewing the staff benefits through the reward and recognition process. like most services we are conscious that the older more experienced cohort of social workers will be retiring soon.

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Our Teams

The Mash service is a multi-agency service that is the gateway to our statutory services with presence from a variety of services including the police and health.


Within this service we undertake all statutory work, including s47 investigations and liaise closer with other professionals to safeguard children and families.


Intake and Assessment is a fast paced and exciting team, due to Cardiff’s demography the work is diverse and progressive.  Practitioners undertake Well-being and S47 assessments and provide short term interventions to support families to increase safety within the home.  Practitioners hold cases for a short period of time; long term work is generally transferred at the first planning meeting.


The team are on a duty rota for one week in every three, meaning you can plan and record your work in a structured and organised way.


Social workers may also be involved in care and private law proceedings.  Cardiff Intake and Assessment Teams are established with experienced staff who support each other during challenging times.  Cardiff works creatively under the Signs of Safety model for the best possible outcomes for families.


Age assessments for USAC are also undertaken within the team. The growing pressures on families due to societal demands has seen an increase in domestic violence, drug and alcohol misuse and an increase in mental and emotional dysregulations for children and families to support with these presenting needs the services has looked develop key roles and partners to address these challenges right from the front door.

The pre-birth team undertakes pre-birth assessments and reviews the support required to parents as well as assessing what next steps need to be where there are either safeguarding or care and support needs.

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Support 4 Families is the statutory element of our care and support services and the next step up from the early help and preventative services or step down from CASP cases in the locality the services provide intensive targeted support to families in need of care and support

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Adult Services

In Cardiff, social care includes support in people’s own homes (home care or ‘domiciliary care’); support in day centres; care provided by care homes and nursing homes (‘residential care’); ‘reablement’ services to help people regain independence; providing aids and adaptations for people’s homes; providing information and advice.

Most of us want to have control over our lives and to live as independently as possible, but sometimes we need extra support to do this.


We provide and arrange care services for adults who need support, care or protection, including people leaving hospital and carers in difficult situations. We may provide any of the following to help you live more independently.

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This area can be used to highlight/ introduce some innovative work and practice within Cardiff.

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Cardiff has been named one of the top 10 most affluent cities in Britain in new figures that have laid bare a phenomenal rise in the number of UK millionaires. The Welsh capital is ranked ahead of major English urban centres, including Manchester and Liverpool, in research by banking giant Barclays

Living in Cardiff

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