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The Commissioners’ Exchange London 2015

Effectively harnessing resources to do more for less
Two free-to-attend strategy sessions for all local authority and NHS commissioners

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New for Community Care Live London 2015, two strategy sessions offering vital information and networking opportunities for commissioners. This is a unique chance to come together and discuss the challenges you’re facing and share in innovative solutions.

Join in expert led round table discussions on a range of issues most relevant to you. These extended discussions will give you the opportunity to share your challenges, your frustrations, your strategies and success. These discussions will be followed by a session of extended feedback from group facilitators, providing you with a take-home summary of all of the most salient information shared by each group.

Please note: Delegates are encouraged to bring examples from their own services and be ready to share in the round table discussions. If you aren’t at the stage where you have information to share, then come armed with questions!

Benefits of attending:

  • Take home top tips to overcome the challenges to improved commissioning in your area
  • Network with colleagues from across the Country and hear about innovative practices being employed in other areas
  • Put your questions to expert group facilitators
  • Develop new strategies to prepare for challenging times ahead

Please note, this is a VIP session and attendance is by invite only. If you’re interested in attending please email Hannah Thomson.
If you are a children’s or adults provider and would like to joing, please contact Nicky Davies.

Children and families commissioners’ exchange London 2015
Tuesday, 3rd November 2015

11:30 Introduction by Chair, Martin Quinn

11:40 Innovation showcase: tbc (Case study in innovation)

Working lunch discussion groups
Themes for discussion groups:

1. Government spending review: doing more with/for less

  • a. How can we make the right choice for the child with less money?
  • b. Exploring strategies for commissioning services more effectively

2. Linking payment to ensure better outcomes

  • a. Payment by outcomes in children’s social care
  • b. Examining the use of Dynamic Purchasing Systems
  • c. Investigating supplier-side initiatives
  • d. Exploring the application of outcomes based accountability (OBA)

3. Supporting and developing a sustainable market

  • a. The vital role of commissioners in delivering a sustainable marketplace
  • b. Identifying risks and looking at solutions
  • c. Lessons to be learnt for Children’s Services from Southern cross

Facilitator: Andrew Rome

4. CSE: a partner issue. Has the response by the system been enough?

  • a. Are there appropriate services out there for victims of CSE?
  • b. Have we done enough, or have we just papered over the cracks? Examining what works with CSE and what doesn’t work
  • c. How do we embed a system that safeguards our vulnerable children who are likely to be at risk of CSE in the future when CSE is ‘old news’ and there is reduced funding?

Facilitator: Sally Hodges

12:00 Discussion theme choice one

13:00 Discussion theme choice two

14:00 Feedback from discussion groups

15:00 End of session

Adults’ commissioners’ exchange London 2015
Wednesday, 4th November 2015

11:30 Introduction by Chair, Martin Samuels

11:40 Innovation showcase: Commissioning of lead providers at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Speaker tbc, Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Working lunch discussion groups

Themes for discussion groups:
1. Integration and working together
a. Overcoming the challenges to transferring resources out of hospitals into community based services: examining best practice
b. Unlocking resources, and moving them round the system for better effect: driving up intervention and prevention
c. Delivering integrated personal commissioning
2. Commissioning lead providers/contractors
a. How can this lead to improved outcomes?
b. Exploring the benefits for commissioners
c. Practical strategies for implementation

Facilitator: Jim Brennan

3. Commissioning for outcomes:
a. Linking payment to result: exploring the application of payment by results in social care
b. How is social care different? And what does this mean for commissioners and providers when commissioning for outcomes?
4. Commissioning at regional and sub-regional levels
a. Overcoming the perception of geographic boundaries to work collectively
b. Lessons we can learn from providers
c. Developing strategies to respond to problems together

12:00 Discussion theme choice one

13:00 Discussion theme choice two

14:00 Feedback from discussion group

15:00 End of session

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