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n Cabinet Office minister Mo Mowlam and rough sleepers unit
director Louise Casey opened the Bethnal Green resource centre in
east London last week.

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Slough criticised over Best Value plan for supported housing

Slough Council's Best Value improvement plan is unlikely to
improve supported housing for older people, according to the Audit

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Westminster’s housing service stars in inspection

The Housing Inspectorate has awarded Westminster Council's
housing with care project two stars out of a possible three in its
Best Value rating, according to a new report.

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Councils ‘failing’ black staff

The race relations record of local authorities has come in for
criticism from the chairperson of the Local Government

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Services, but at a price

The Carers and Disabled Children's Act 2000 promises carers

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Councils lagging

It is now two years since the Stephen Lawrence inquiry reported
its disturbing findings.

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Councils told by their own leader to improve race record

The race relations record of local authorities has been
criticised by their own leader.

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A summary of social care news

Children given e-mail warning

Children in Hampshire are being warned of the dangers of being
stalked by paedophiles on the internet in a new leaflet produced by
the police.

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Bedlam on the Streets

Caroline Knowles with photography by Ludovic Dabert.



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In on the act

There are high hopes that the Crime and Disorder Act will go a
long way towards tackling racism within the youth justice system.

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Audience participation

When social workers make contact with ethnic minority families
in child protection cases they are often ill-equipped to deal with
cultural and linguistic differences.

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Racism leaves young people homeless

A new report says hostels are failing homeless young black and
Asian people reports Cathy Cooper.

Homeless hostels are failing young black people.

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Modern adoption is more than a redistribution of children

Murray Ryburn's 'Between a rock and a hard place', (11-17
January), an historical view of adoption and its links with poverty
and disadvantage, leads to his conclusion that adoption 'will

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On Equal Terms – Working With Disabled People

Edited by Sally French.

Butterworth Heinemann


ISBN 0 7506 0751 3

This is a book to make you angry.

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Student fought for second opinion

Opportunity for a second opinion option for students who fail
the Diploma in Social Work was welcomed.

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The End of Innocence. Britain in the Time of AIDS

By Simon Garfield

Faber & Faber


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