Has being a social worker met your aspirations?

Research being run by Your Family, Your Voice asks whether the reality of being a social worker has matched expectations

Social workers are being asked if the reality of the profession has matched their aspirations when they entered it.

A survey, run by the group Your Family, Your Voice, asks social workers to reflect on what their motivation for joining the profession was, if they still have the same motivations and if their professional goals have been met.

Your Family, Your Voice is an alliance of families and practitioners, led by the Family Rights Group, working to enable families a voice in policy and decision-making, challenge the negative assumptions attached to families whose children are subject to, or at risk of, state intervention and influence service design.

It believes the discontent many parents have with statutory services is matched by practitioners, and that fundamental system change is required. The survey will inform the group’s work.

The survey can be taken here.

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One Response to Has being a social worker met your aspirations?

  1. Libby Lang December 3, 2015 at 3:29 am #

    I did this job on and off for thirty years. To say it is difficult is putting it mildly. There are too many competing demands on your time and energy..it is recipe for burnout. I strongly recommend people run for the hills if they are considering child protection for a career.