Rachel de Souza

Children, Social work leaders

Councils breaching guidance by not taking homeless teenagers into care, suggests Children’s Commissioner

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Young social worker working remotely

Inform Adults, Inform Children, Workforce

How CC Inform can boost your CPD and help you stay in social work

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‘We must stop blaming mothers in child protection social work’

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Children’s North Locality Team members at South Gloucestershire during a practice workshop
November 30 written on a calendar to remind you an important appointment.

Social work leaders, Workforce

More than half of social workers still to renew two weeks out from 30 November deadline

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Yvette Stanley

Children, Social work leaders, Workforce

‘Good social work basics’ key to year-on-year children’s services improvements – Ofsted

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Red and white megaphone with the words 'take' 'action!' coming out in blue and red speech bubbles on a yellow background

Choose Social Work, Social work leaders, Workforce

How to take action and improve the public’s perception of social work

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Will social workers fight or accept next year’s pay offer from councils?

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Home care worker speaking to older person

Adults, Social work leaders, Workforce

10% pay rise for thousands of care workers as government announces national living wage rise

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Senior man with social worker

Adults, Inform Adults

Tips for keeping assessment processes strengths-focused

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typewriter with a note saying 'Gestation, gyration by Rosie R'


Gestation, Gyration: a child’s turbulent entry into the world

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Kayleigh Rose Evans

Choose Social Work

‘I did not enjoy being new’: advice for young social workers

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Asylum-seeking child

Children, Social work leaders

15th consecutive rise in care population in England over past year, DfE data shows

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Compass dial pointing to word 'performance'

Adults, Social work leaders

Most councils rated good for adult social care in CQC pilot assessments

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Dear Future Social Work

Choose Social Work

Find your ‘person’ and prioritise supervision: advice from a principal social worker

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Graph showing increasing workload

Adults, Social work leaders

Social care staff carrying out tasks previously undertaken by NHS, without extra funding, say directors

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Paul is flanked by Shared Lives carers Maurice (left) and Simone (right)
Human rights card

Adults, Children, Social work leaders

DHSC rejects experts’ plan to curb ‘inhumane’ solitary confinement of disabled people in hospital

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