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How the many small differences in looked-after children’s lives shape them as adults

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How does social work regulation perpetuate institutional racism?

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Priority dial with the settings high, medium and low

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Tackling funding, privatisation and poverty: what the care review should focus on

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Government to spend £1.2m on AMHP training to “urgently address” workforce shortages

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Does the child protection system intervene too much or too little? This is the wrong question

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Vulnerable as well as potential sources of risk: fathers in the family justice system

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‘I love being a social worker but it takes over your life’: children’s practitioners on their caseloads

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Caseloads have got less manageable for children’s social workers under Covid, survey finds

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Family justice overhaul bids to limit number of care proceedings

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Improving social workers’ wellbeing: the possibilities and limits of ‘light-touch’ interventions

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Ending eligibility: ten tests for establishing a human rights-based approach to adult social care

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'Wellbeing at work' key being pressed on keyboard

Coronavirus, Social work leaders, Workforce

Social workers satisfied with employers but often required to do more with less, finds health check

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Inform Adults, Inform Children

How social workers can identify coercive and controlling behaviour

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Young asylum seeker

Children, Social work leaders

‘Deeply worrying’ age assessment changes will increase risks to child asylum seekers, warn charities

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Coronavirus, Social work leaders, Workforce

How wellbeing has decreased for social workers and care staff as the pandemic has progressed

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Adults, Social work leaders

‘Short-termist’ government approach to adult social care starving sector of investment, says watchdog

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