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Communicating with children: support children’s emotional literacy and feel more confident about direct work

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Wednesday 29 November, 12noon-1pm


  • Gillian Ruch, professor of social work at the University of Sussex .

Gillian has led the UK-wide Talking and Listening to Children project, exploring how social workers communicate with children in everyday practice and the resources that can support interactions to help improve outcomes.

During this webinar, Gillian will discuss the challenges social workers can face communicating with children in common scenarios, from safeguarding assessments to visiting children in care.

She will share ways to start thinking differently about how to obtain the information practitioners need about children’s risk, needs, concerns or relationships, and how to listen to their voices.

Developing emotionally literate relationships is a key way that social workers can promote children’s emotional and social wellbeing. Gillian will offer examples of using resources developed in her research to help you practise creatively and feel more confident about direct work.

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Learn how to use relationship-based practice (a free webinar from Bradford Children and Families Trust)

Monday 4 December, 12.30-1.30pm


  • Andy Lloyd, strengthening families supporting children practice lead, Bradford Children and Families Trust
  • Traci Taylor, service manager/principal social worker, Bradford Children and Families Trust
  • Sharmeen Ziauddin, assistant careers editor, Community Care (chair)

Bradford Children and Families Trust logoSocial work is based on relationships. As social workers, we are not manufacturing things or selling things, rather we are working alongside children and their families to co-create the conditions where we can together realise our ambition that children and young people are safe and able to realise their full potential.

In Bradford, we have found that our commitment to restorative and relational practice improves the quality of our relationships with the families we are working with.

This webinar will explore the use of relationship-based practice that is central to our approach.

We will introduce some initial principles of relationship-based practice and suggest some first steps and activities that you could introduce into your practice and discuss with your colleagues.

At the end, there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.


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