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Welcome to Employer Zone Insights, a podcast from Community Care showcasing social work practice and leadership from around the country.

London Borough of Newham

Birmingham Children's Trust

Is being a practice development social worker – an alternative pathway for social workers? Principal social worker in children’s and families Beverley Halligan, who also heads up Newham’s social care academy, tells us more about this new training and development offer. We also hear from two social workers Jane and Jessica, who will be two of five new PDSWs at Newham. And we speak to social workers here at the London Borough of Newham to find out more.

Birmingham Children’s Trust has been developing a framework to ensure social workers have the right tools to support children and their families model. Jenny Turnross, director of practice at the Trust and senior social worker Lizzie Simpson, talk more about this new framework known as the ‘Stronger Families Model’. Click here for more.

Hampshire Council

London Borough of Newham

How do you help a child who cannot speak or one with complex health and educational needs? Four expert panellists from Surrey County Council‘s children with disabilities team – Steve Howe, a team manager, Corrie Haxton and Marie Green, who are both advanced social workers, and Aimee Gillett a newly qualified social worker, tell us how. Click here for more.

Tim Aldridge is the corporate director of children’s services at the London Borough of Newham. In this episode, he shares the authority’s ambition to become a centre of excellence for social work practice and talks about how a reshaping of its practice model is helping to achieve that. We also gain a perspective from social worker Joyce on how Newham’s improvement journey is helping her to enhance her work/life balance. Click here for more.

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