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Podcast: using new approaches to promote ‘old school’ social work for older adults

Social workers from Hampshire County Council discuss how older adults are benefitting from a new approach to supporting their care

When Hampshire County Council’s adult social care teams noticed a doubling of the care packages required for people within its population aged over 85 years, it found a solution through an approach called proactive enhanced care (PEC).

This approach taps into a return to ‘old school’ social work values that focus on prioritising time with the older person and focussing on a person-centred approach to how they are supported.

In this episode, social workers in Hampshire County Council’s older adults teams discuss how older adults are benefitting from this approach.

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We speak with Ryan Campbell, a service manager for older adults in the north east of Hampshire, and Bridget Hamilton, a senior social worker in one of the older adults’ community teams, who helped with the rollout of the PEC project.

And later in the episode, we catch up with the head of service for south Hampshire older adults teams, Matt Hutchinson, who devised the PEC project, to find out if there are plans to extend it to a younger demographic of older adults.

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Here is the transcript.

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