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Podcast: working with parents – breaking down barriers to engagement

This is a special Employer Zone Insights episode recorded at Community Care Live 2023 with Wiltshire Council

This episode was recorded at a session, at Community Care Live 2023, run by Wiltshire Council, in front of a live audience. It features practitioners and the care-experienced young people and fathers whom they support and work with.

Wiltshire Council started two projects, Dads Matter Too and Born Into Care, which are run by two of the speakers on the podcast, Helen Tubb and Ceri Evans. Along with them is participation manager Joe Sutton, who runs the Youth Voice team.

The practitioners explain how they have, through relationship-building, helped fathers Arron and Luke, whose respective children have been in care. The young people, Holly and Cameron, and the fathers all offer advice on how social workers can help to break down barriers and engage better with the people they support.

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The transcription of the podcast, Working with parents: breaking down barriers to engagement, is available here.

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NB Did you know podcasts count towards your CPD for Social Work England registration?