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If Lansley goes, could a Lib Dem replace him?

Why has the Health and Social Care Bill stalled? Is itreally for a listening exercise, as the prime minister would have us believe?Or is David Cameron simply buying time to rid the nation of an increasingly unpopularhealth secretary in a mini shuffle? The bill is the one issue that truly divides the coalition,with deputy prime […]

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Longevity: It’s all in the genes but I don’t want to know

“Well, Outside Left, the results are back and there is noeasy way to tell you this, but I’m afraid you do not possess the longevitygene. In fact, I am amazed you have lasted this long.” 

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Nice must learn from Scotland on arthritis drug

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’slikely decision to deny a new drug to NHS patients with rheumatoid arthritishas been described as a postcode lottery. 

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Is smoking in front of children abuse?

Could this really happen? There is a move to introduce a law- or at least Whitehall has refused to rule one out, according the DailyTelegraph – to ban parents from smoking in front of their children.

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Young people display old misconceptions about HIV/Aids

British Red Cross marked World Aids Day 2009 by releasingthe findings of a survey of young people’s attitudes towards the virus – with some paradoxical results.

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NHS and relationship counselling make perfect partners

Which is the best way to spend public money: by developingtreatments for dementia and cancer or on counselling for couples at breaking point?

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A French view of British binge drinkers

You may remember PY Gerbeau: professional Frenchman, committed Anglophile, the former EuroDisney chief who saved the Millennium Dome.

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Social workers to the rescue, armed only with Tamiflu

Funny how social workers are suddenly flavour of the monthnow that the UK faces a swine flu epidemic.

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Baby OT case contrasts with Debbie Purdy hearings

A ruling by appeal court judges that ended the life of a seriously ill baby contrasted with the battle fought in the courts by multiple sclerosis sufferer Debbie Purdy.

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Drink statistics and drug policy addling my brain

All hail the reduction in alcohol-related deaths. All hail -or should that be inhale? – the efforts to cut cannabis use.

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