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Serious case review criticises social services over Cwmbran triple murder

Social workers and police failed to identify the significant risk posed by killer Carl Mills

Communities secretary Eric Pickles; Photo: Mark Thomas/Rex Features

Rotherham council to be taken over by five commissioners, Pickles announces

February 26,2015

Local government secretary said the council is “incapable” of tackling its weaknesses, exposed by damning Louise Casey report

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Photo: Cultura/REX (Picture posed by models)

‘LGBT foster carers are very useful – we know what it’s like to be different but equal’

February 25,2015

Nicola Hill, a lesbian foster carer, shares her experiences and offers advice for prospective carers from the LGBT community

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Photo: REX/WestEnd61 (Picture posed by model)

‘David Cameron is undermining the safety and welfare of children’

March 3,2015

Professor of social work Ray Jones reacts to government plans to consult on jailing social workers who fail to protect children

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Social work stories: making a difference every single day

March 3,2015

Tell us something you've done that has changed somebody's life or made a real difference to somebody

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The top 83 actions you could take to stand up for social work

March 3,2015

A list of large and small things you can do to stand up for social work whether you're a social worker, manager, politician or member of the public

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Photo: Ray Tang/Rex Features

Social workers to face five years in prison for failing to protect children from sexual abuse, warns Cameron

March 3,2015

Prime Minister will announce consultation on whether criminal charge for wilful neglect should be extended across children's social care

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Amy Black. Photo: Nottinghamshire police

Coroner criticises police and social care for out of hours failings

March 2,2015

The coroner in the inquest into the death of baby Zoe Black said an urgent social services visit should have been made

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child's drawing of a house

Ofsted reveals tougher inspection criteria for children’s homes from April

March 2,2015

Inspectors will have new powers to give homes an automatic 'inadequate' rating if they are not found to be protecting children properly

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Photo: Gary Brigden

Use attachment theory more confidently with our expert webinar

March 2,2015

Child protection trainer and academic Professor David Shemmings will put the concepts into a practical context and explain how to avoid the pitfalls

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Old Bridge, Pontypridd. Photo: Matthew Black/Flickr

Wales announces £14 million in funding to support social care workforce following law reform

February 27,2015

Money intended to ensure workforce readiness and raise public awareness of the changes in the Social Services and Well-being Act

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The Secret Foster Carer: ‘Social workers should consider why a family owns a dog’

February 26,2015

Following news that some councils are refusing to place children in foster homes with dogs, the secret foster carer shares her views

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Photo: JD Hancock/Flickr

High percentage of social workers leaving the frontline, official data suggests

February 26,2015

Experimental statistics from the Department for Education suggest a high percentage of social workers are leaving the frontline

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Photo: Steve Meddle/REX

Social workers given updated guidance on e-cigarette use by foster carers or adopters

February 24,2015

British Association of Adoption and Fostering now advises social workers to distinguish between e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes

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Council to commission out child protection in the biggest outsourcing ‘in a generation’

February 24,2015

Northamptonshire County Council will retain 150 of its 4,000 staff members in a £68m budget cut

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Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper (Photo: Richard Gardner/Rex)

Labour pledges to put special child protection unit at heart of government

February 23,2015

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper outlines plans for specialist unit run by the Home Office and Department for Education

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Photo: Adam Haranghy/Flickr (posed by model)

Older teens found to be at greatest risk of abuse ahead of key debate on issue

February 20,2015

The Children's Society has found that one in 50 of 16- and 17-year-olds population are at risk of abuse and neglect, but do not have the same protection as younger children

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Photo: Harold Lake/Flickr

Family courts to do more to promote the voice of children in care proceedings

February 19,2015

Justice Minister Simon Hughes announced changes that will help children aged ten and above communicate their views in family courts

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England’s top family judge criticises social workers for acting as ‘guardians of morality’

February 18,2015

Sir James Munby found social workers at Darlington council to be "hapless", but decided to protect their identity in judgment

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