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Beyond male role models in social care: What works when working with young men?

A project exploring gender in relationships between young men and adults providing services raises important questions about social care recruitment

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Social workers, do you have enough support and resources to protect children from harm?

March 18,2015

With David Cameron threatening jail for social workers who fail to protect children, we must evidence the huge pressure social workers are under.

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Sign our open letter to Cameron if you oppose jail threat for social workers

March 16,2015

Community Care has written an open letter to the prime minister, which you can sign by adding your name in the comments section

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How social workers can achieve successful reunifications for children in care

March 20,2015

Social workers need to be assessing families' needs as soon as reunification is an option to ensure best outcomes, writes Elaine Farmer and Mandy Wilkins

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‘Louise Casey report into CSE represents a missed opportunity for children’

March 20,2015

Social work academics scrutinise the scope and methodology of Louise Casey's report into child sexual exploitation in Rotherham

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Up to half of homeless teenagers refused assessment by councils breaching the law

March 19,2015

Investigation by The Children's Society estimates at least 6,000 homeless 16 and 17-year-olds are being failed by their local authorities

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KPMG and Morning Lane Associates expected to develop pass or fail test for children’s social workers

March 18,2015

The government contract to ensure a minimum level of knowledge and skills is worth around £2m

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Judge sends warning to councils after girl at risk of CSE is wrongly held in custody

March 18,2015

The girl, who is referred to as B and lived in a foster home, was left in police custody while a plan for her onwards care was "cobbled together"

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Scale of child sexual exploitation in West Midlands unveiled for the first time

March 18,2015

The analysis found 488 children had been identified as at risk of, or had suffered, sexual exploitation in the first six months of 2014

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Social worker who started petition: “We forget there is no one advocating for us”

March 12,2015

Zowie Overy speaks to Community Care as her petition against David Cameron's jail time proposals surpasses 10,000 signatures

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Sarah Urding and Gary Lamb at Ofsted's offices in Manchester. Photo: Neil O'Connor

Inside the mind of an Ofsted inspector

March 11,2015

Community Care speaks to a group of Ofsted inspectors about why they took on the role and dealing with the fear factor inspections create

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Social workers feel powerless to intervene in cases of child neglect, finds survey

March 11,2015

Action for Children found more social workers feel unable to help children suffering neglect than police, doctors and head teachers

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Public Accounts Committee Chair Margaret Hodge 
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Department for Education ‘alarmingly reluctant’ to improve outcomes for children

March 11,2015

Public Accounts Committee accuses DfE of limiting its own responsibility rather than maximising opportunities for children in care

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Safeguarding fears over children’s mental health bed shortage

March 10,2015

Royal College of Psychiatrists survey reveals doctors' concerns over safeguarding and suicide risks linked to delays accessing beds

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Three-quarters of children’s services not good enough, finds Ofsted annual report

March 10,2015

Local Government Association hits back, calling for 'back to basics' review of Ofsted and more funding for local authority children's services

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Chief social worker: ‘Very difficult’ to secure convictions from Cameron’s jail proposals

March 9,2015

Following news the government will consult on extending the law of wilful neglect to social workers, Trowler told a concerned practitioner the move comes with the territory

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How rethinking residential care can help safeguard children against sexual exploitation

March 6,2015

In light of how vulnerable looked-after children are to abusers, it's time to rethink our approach to residential care, argue Tom Rahilly and David Berridge

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Social worker launches petition to stop Cameron’s proposal to jail social workers

March 5,2015

Zowie Overy, a children's social worker, started the petition after the PM's controversial announcement earlier this week

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Chief social worker urges review of risk assessment tools used by social workers

March 4,2015

As part of the government's response to failings in Rotherham, Isabelle Trowler has asked council leaders for an immediate review

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