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Email: Gera Noto or Tamsin Dixon

Tel: 020 8652 4699

Address: Community Care, Quadrant House,The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS

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Registered Office: Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS
Registered in England under company No. 0151537

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Complaints and concerns It is the policy of Community Care to correct significant editorial errors and handle editorial complaints as soon as possible. Please email, clearly outlining the nature of your concern. Our editor Ruth Smith is responsible for ensuring all complaints are dealt with effectively.

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Content Director
Ruth Smith
Tel: 020 8652 4866
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Head of Design/Technology
Simeon Brody
Tel: 020 8652 4226
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Head of Content – Adults
Mithran Samuel
Tel: 020 8652 4857
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Natalie Valios

Content Editor – Adults
Natalie Valios
Tel: 020 8652 8380
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Senior journalist – Adults / Mental Health / Social Media Lead
Andy McNicoll
Tel: 020 8652 4854


Camilla Pemberton

Head of Content – Children
Camilla Pemberton
Tel: 020 8652 4828
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Content Editor – Children
Jessica Chapman
(On Maternity Leave)
Tel: 020 8652 8380

Content Editor – Children
Claire Edwards
(Maternity Cover)
Tel: 020 8652 4859


Kirsty McGregor

Head of Content – Workforce
Kirsty McGregor
Tel: 020 8652 4861
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Content Editor
Ebony Pierce
Tel: 020 8652 4421
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Web Producer & Team Photographer
Gary Brigden
Tel: 020 8652 4882


Community Care Inform is a unique online resource designed to help professionals working with children and young people make, and evidence, their decisions. It puts professionally-critical information at your fingertips and gives you access to practice guidance; case law; research; legislation and a wealth of key resources.


Administration Manager
Kim Poupart
Tel: 020 8652 4848
Contact Kim for information about Inform or to arrange a free trial

For full details of the editorial and sales team for Community Care Inform, please click here


Conference producer
Penny Macoustra
Tel: 020 8652 4869
Sales sponsorship manager
Nicky Davies
Tel: 020 8652 4782


Key accounts executive
Michelle Brack
Tel: 020 8652 4073



Recruitment Sales Team:020 8652 8870


Sales manager
Marlene Hirdes
Tel: 020 8652 4239


Key Account Manager
Jo Mulcahy
Tel: 020 8652 8870


Key account manager
Katie Sharman
Tel: 020 8652 8870


Telesales Executive
Poppy Brear
Tel: 020 8652 8870


Telesales Executive
Michael Brooks
Tel: 020 8652 8870

Display Sales Team


Display Key Account Manager
Alison Belton
Tel: 020 8652 8722
Mob: 07919 328 437



Managing director
Claire Jenkinson

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  1. Lyn March 21, 2014 at 8:20 pm #

    I am about too start my first job as a Home Care Worker. I add this argument yesterday. You coukd be down on paper as doing a 14 hour shift yet you could only get 10 hours pay because you aren’t getting paid for travel time. The work is hard enough without working more hours than you get paid for. I have not started the job yet but already having second thoughts. Hardly had any training and how can you prepare food for a customer without a Food and Hygiene cert or change a stoma bag without training?

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