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Felix Ngole, photo courtesy of Christian Concern

Anti-gay marriage social work student loses appeal against removal from course

April 8,2016

Sheffield University stands by its decision to expel Felix Ngole from its social work masters course for anti-gay marriage Facebook post

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Person asking a question in training session

‘Without university social work departments, the profession cannot survive’

April 6,2016

Harry Ferguson of the University of Nottingham reflects on what the Frontline evaluation tells us about social work education

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Photo of Dot Ogden

‘Would they fight for my needs?’: a service user helps select student social workers

March 21,2016

Dot Ogden shares how being a part of a service user group working with Liverpool Hope University is making good use of her experience

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Josh MacAlister, Frontline

Universities are not the only centres of social work learning

February 19,2016

Josh MacAlister, chief executive of Frontline, explains the decision to bring the fast-track curriculum in-house

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Photo: Jeff Blackler/REX

‘I missed the heady adrenaline of local authority social work’

August 27,2015

Nimal Jude gets used to life in a university as she takes the lead on one of the pilot teaching partnerships

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Photo: ImageBROKER/REX

‘Social work is supposed to promote equality – the student bursary system does not’

August 21,2015

A social work trainee is petitioning for universities to be able to distribute bursary funds directly to students to help stop unecessary drop-outs

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Photo: Image Source/Rex

New bursary criteria omit any mention of professional capabilities framework

July 3,2015

Government guidelines for universities and students also flag a future “quality” measure to decide how many bursaries universities will get

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featured image all winners1

Care work students scoop prizes in world’s biggest vocational skills competition

May 28,2015

It’s not often care workers get recognition for the support they give people every day – let alone win prizes for it, but a competition held  this month aims to change all that.
Competitive environment
A group of 79  health…

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Photo: WestEnd61/REX

Student social worker’s sanction reveals inconsistent regulation of the profession

May 27,2015

The social workers' union described inconsistent regulation across the UK as "problematic"

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job application

‘Don’t give up': 10 job-hunting tips for newly qualified social workers

April 23,2015

A newly qualified social worker shares what she learned from her 16-month-long hunt for her first social work job

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Members of The Social Work Society from Northumbria University at the Social Work Action Network conference in Glasgow

‘A social work society helps us find a collective voice and fight for social change’

April 17,2015

Collective action and engaging with social justice can be abstract concepts for social work students. Setting up a group can make them a reality

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Social pedagogy approach to learning improves direct work with children

November 6,2014

Exploring theory and concepts through practical activities helped trainees develop fresh approaches to working with young people, tutors explain

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A newly qualified social worker describes how having Tourette’s affected his studies

October 31,2014

NQSW describes the difficulties of completing a social work degree when suffering Tourette’s and hearing problems

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steve mccabe

Less than half of social work placements take place in local authorities

October 27,2014

A lack of national monitoring of placements means there are no figures on the number of placements required to meet the needs of trainee social workers

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Photo: REX/Cultura (Posed by model)

Student Social Worker: ‘I was coming in to placement feeling tired and demotivated’

October 23,2014

Student social worker Ricki Steed reflects on a restless period spent questioning whether she could work in child protection because of the emotional strain.

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Diary of an autistic social work student: “it’s tiring trying to fit into a neuro-typical world”

October 15,2014

One social work student reflects on the additional challenges facing autistic social workers, and their need for greater awareness from peers

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