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Social pedagogy approach to learning improves direct work with children

November 6,2014

Exploring theory and concepts through practical activities helped trainees develop fresh approaches to working with young people, tutors explain

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A newly qualified social worker describes how having Tourette’s affected his studies

October 31,2014

NQSW describes the difficulties of completing a social work degree when suffering Tourette’s and hearing problems

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Less than half of social work placements take place in local authorities

October 27,2014

A lack of national monitoring of placements means there are no figures on the number of placements required to meet the needs of trainee social workers

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Student Social Worker: ‘I was coming in to placement feeling tired and demotivated’

October 23,2014

Student social worker Ricki Steed reflects on a restless period spent questioning whether she could work in child protection because of the emotional strain.

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Diary of an autistic social work student: “it’s tiring trying to fit into a neuro-typical world”

October 15,2014

One social work student reflects on the additional challenges facing autistic social workers, and their need for greater awareness from peers

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‘Quality of learning overshadowed by students’ anxiety to meet the bursary criteria’

October 9,2014

How is the cap on bursaries affecting social work courses? Two educators share the sometimes saddening results of a of their year 1 cohort

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Student social worker: ‘I felt hurt when I realised the grandmother had lied to me’

October 8,2014

Student social worker Ricki Steed looks back on her first experience of viability assessments during her child protection placement

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Frontline first social work scheme to be ranked as top graduate employer

September 17,2014

The Times top 100 graduate employers list published today puts the social work fast track scheme 76th

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"Frontline: Changing lives" (Credit: Ewan Shears)

On the social work fast track: A day behind the scenes at Frontline

August 20,2014

The fast track training scheme opens its doors to Community Care to see what really goes on at the social work summer institute

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Placements like prisons provide positive learning experiences

Devaluing non-traditional social work placements is a loss to the profession

August 18,2014

Helen Scholar, lead researcher on an evaluation of a non-traditional placements scheme, explains why she thinks they can be so valuable

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‘I was in for a shock’: A NQSW tells of her job-hunting struggles

August 18,2014

Newly qualified social worker Saima Naeem shares the story of her frustrated attempts to start a career in social work

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Isabelle Trowler

Government to test child social workers’ know-how

July 31,2014

Government introduces a 'gold standard' for children and family social workers: approved child and family practitioner status

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Martin Narey

Criticisms of social work education review are ‘patent nonsense’, says Narey

July 8,2014

Martin Narey hits back against criticism that his report into social work education is not evidence-based

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‘More social work placements in mental health services needed’, says minister

June 24,2014

Shortage of placements for trainees brought up in Lords debate on mental health social work

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Graduate Internship Programme

Intern programme offers graduates the chance to lead a social care project

May 16,2014

The National Skills Academy for Social Care is looking for interns to run six-week projects in social care organisations

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Simon Stevens

How service user involvement in social work training benefits everyone

April 23,2014

Service user Simon Stevens shares how 10 years of teaching social work students has helped him and his students.

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