Key question

Why the Central Council for Education and Training in Social
Work should want to promote itself with giveaways when it has no
competition is anyone’s guess. But its choice of a padlock with no
key, with the legend ‘Unlocking CM CCETSW’ is unfortunate. First,
did you know that CM stands for care management? No? Well, that’s
the first law of advertising – make sure your customer knows what
you are talking about. And then, where’s the key and what’s the
significance of there not being one? Are social workers and care
managers to believe the ‘secrets’ of care management can’t be
unlocked. But yes, they can, because if you pull the lock slightly
it opens without a key.

So what’s the message now? No great ingenuity is needed to be a
care manager? The second law of advertising is: No confused
messages. Underlying both laws might be the point that before you
embark on producing gimmicks you get someone who understands
promotion to advise you.

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