A rose by any other name…

    Peter Lilley, much beloved minister for social security, is at
    it again.

    He is unwilling to let single mothers get on with their lives in
    peace and with the security that his department is meant to
    provide. Silly me to think that Lilley would one day come to terms
    with the large print of his job description.

    What else would you expect from a man whose job title should
    really be minister for social insecurity? Or is there another title
    more appropriate for this man who is willing to penalise them
    further by axeing the lone parent benefit? He obviously wasn’t
    thinking about the many women his right-thinking Tory colleagues
    have made into lone parents over the past few years.

    Suggestions for a new post for this woefully inconsiderate man
    should be sent to Conservative head office – freepost.

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