Corruption cancelled

Corruption cancelled

I have heard of an instructive lesson on local government
terminology from a Labour councillor in crisis-plagued Lambeth,
south London.

The recent Appleby report uncovered extensive malpractice in the
borough from the period the people’s party was in power, with at
least £50 million disappearing in contracts and unauthorised
sub-letting of housing among other things. Our reporter was,
however, politely rapped on the knuckles by the councillor, who
told him this did not constitute ‘corruption’.

‘Corruption is a specific criminal offence,’ the councillor
said. ‘Meaning the bribery of outside contractors by officers – I
don’t believe that has been proven.

‘Fraud, however, has been extensive,’ he said.

I’m sure that makes the long-suffering council tax payers of
Lambeth feel a whole lot better.

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