Speak to Wyre down the wire

Ray Wyre, who is a sexual crime consultant and expert on sex
offenders, will be taking part in our latest Ask The Expert

Do you have any views or questions to put to Wyre? If so, please
e-mail your comments to comcare.expert@rbi.co.uk
before next Thursday, 22 March and your questions with his
responses will be posted on the website on Monday, 26 March.

Wyre comments in this week’s edition on whether he thinks the
internet is creating a new kind of sex offender. Child pornography
on the internet has been a controversial issue in the news recently
with the conviction of seven members of a global child pornography
ring for downloading hundreds of thousands of obscene images.

There was widespread criticism from children’s charities of the
sentences handed down to the men, who were jailed for periods of
between 12 and 30 months.

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