Norfolk sets up joint partnership planning

Plans to set up a joint health and social services team in
Norfolk responsible for both authorities’ strategic planning
received unanimous approval last week.

A special joint meeting of Norfolk Council and Norfolk Health
Authority agreed the proposal, which will bring the health
authority’s health improvement team and the social services
department’s strategic planning team under the leadership of Paul
Adams, senior assistant social services director, from April.

The team will produce a three-year plan to show how Norfolk will
implement the NHS Plan through a joint initiative by health and
social care services.

A second proposal to establish a joint project board was also
approved. The board will consist of members and officers from both
authorities who will examine whether there are further benefits to
be had from working closer together where it is in the long-term
interests of patients and clients.

Preliminary recommendations will be made to the two authorities
after six months, with a view to a phased implementation of any
agreed recommendations during 2002-3.

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