School liable for abuse by warden

The House of Lords has ruled that a boarding school in Doncaster
was responsible for the sexual abuse a former warden committed
against pupils.

It decided that the sexual abuse committed by warden Dennis
Grain against two pupils of Wilsic Hall School was sufficiently
connected with the work he was employed to do that its owners,
Hesley Hall Ltd, were vicariously liable for them.

The judges said Hesley Hall Ltd was vicariously liable for
Grain’s failure to report to it his intentions, before the
acts of abuse, and the harmful consequences to the children

The House of Lords allowed an appeal by claimants Steven
Bilcliff and Maurice Loaring who had resided at Axeholme House, a
boarding annex of Wilsic Hall School, between 1979 and 1982.

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information on the legal background of the case.













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