A summary of social care stories from the main newspapers

By David Callaghan and Reg McKay.

Blair orders the public services to ditch dogma and go

Prime minister Tony Blair promised to pour more money into the
public services if Labour is re-elected, but also said the private
sector would become more involved in the running of services.
Private sector managers and operators would help to ensure the cash
is properly spent and services reformed, he said.

Blair said he wanted to end the dogma of public services, as he
launched Labour’s general election manifesto.

Source:- The Times Thursday 17 May page 1

Teacher cleared of assault on special needs

A classroom assistant with 20 years’ experience of working with
special needs children, has been cleared by magistrates in Devon of
assaulting seven children.

Patricia Mitchell, from Exeter, was suspended from her job in
October after the allegations were made by two new staff members.
She had denied common assault on the pupils from the school in East
Devon. A disciplinary hearing will now be held.

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 17 May page 9

Warning of end to jobless decline

The Bank of England has warned that the downturn in the
international economy could mean the jobless total in Britain stops

Source:- The Guardian Thursday 17 May page 6

Scottish newspapers

Racist attackers face losing homes

The families of those involved in racist attacks on refugees or
asylum seekers could face eviction following a statement by Glasgow
Council leader Charles Gordon. Councillor Gordon was speaking out
after a specially convened meeting of the city council departments,
Strathclyde Police, the Asylum Support project and the Scottish
Refugee Council.

Source:- The Herald Thursday 17 May page 4

Prison doesn’t work

The Herald columnist, Ruth Wishart, berates politicians for
leaving the prison system in the dark ages and failing to introduce
methods which work in helping adults end a pattern of

Source:- The Herald Thursday 17 May page 18

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