Learning Disability: Physical Therapy, Treatment and Management: a collaborative approach

    Edited by Jeanette Rennie.

    Whurr Publishers

    £25 (Paperback)

    ISBN 1 86156 192 X

    Many people with learning difficulties have significant physical
    disabilities which impair their quality of life. For those who have
    cerebral palsy the ortho-paedic surgeon may need to intervene to
    ensure maximum physical mobility. But for most people with learning
    difficulties it is the physiotherapist who plays the key role in
    minimising the impact of physical disabilities.

    This multi-author textbook provides physiotherapy students with
    basic information when working with people who have learning

    The book opens with an overview of current policy highlighting
    the importance, for those in the NHS, of the Health Act 1999. This
    legislation should facilitate partnerships in the delivery of
    health care. The chapter on the multi-professional learning
    difficulties team includes some helpful case studies of effective
    teamwork. The chapter on the interpretation of assessments contains
    important messages for all who undertake therapeutic work in the
    learning difficulty field.

    Although this book is directed at physiotherapists in training
    it will be of interest to all who work with people with learning
    difficulties who also have physical disabilities.

    Oliver Russell is a psychiatrist and, until recently,
    director of Norah Fry Research Centre, University of

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