A summary of social care stories from the main newspapers

By David Callaghan and Reg McKay.

Labour row as Brown blocks youth pay rise

Chancellor Gordon Brown has blocked plans for an extension of
the full minimum wage to 21-year-olds until after the general

The move that would benefit 30,000 young people by increasing
the minimum wage for young people by 90 pence and bringing it up to
the level of other adults. But Brown was worried that it would
alienate business leaders.

Stephen Byers, trade and industry minister, had hoped the
extension would appease union leaders angry over prime minister
Tony Blair’s commitment to involve the private sector in the
running of public sector services.

A forthcoming report from the Low Pay Commission will support an
extension of the youth minimum wage up to the adult level.

Source:- The Times Tuesday 5 June page 1

Does fostering fail too many children despite the
efforts of their carers?

During national fostering week Yasmin Alibhai-Brown looks at the
success of fostering schemes.

Source:- The Independent Tuesday Review 5 June page

Waiting lists are fiddled – official

A report from the National Audit Office leaked to the Daily
reveals that some hospital trusts have ‘massaged’
waiting list figures.

The report shows that while there are fewer people waiting for
treatment those on the waiting list have to wait longer for
treatment. One in four people now have to wait more than 18 months
for admission to hospital, and the average wait is four months.

Numerous exclusions from the list have enabled some trusts to
keep the numbers down, the report says.

Source:- Daily Telegraph Tuesday 5 June page 1

Scottish newspapers

Police report six-year-old for racial abuse

A six-year-old boy who has been reported by police for racially
abusing an asylum seeker is believed to be the youngest person ever
reported in Scotland for such alleged activities. The boy was one
of a group of four children, the oldest of whom was nine-years-old,
accused of racially abusing an 18-year-old man in the Castlemilk
area of Glasgow last month. They have been referred to the reporter
to the children’s panel.

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 5 June page 1

Kirk’s care of older people at risk

The crisis facing private and independent care of older people
in Scotland deepened last night as the Church of Scotland revealed
its services were running at a substantial loss.

The Kirk said it needed substantial resources to keep its 34
care homes open. Its board of social responsibility, which runs the
Church’s social care services is running at a loss of
£1.5 million per year and last year losses amounted to
£3.5 million. Over the past 10 years the Kirk has had to
invest some £20 million of reserves to prevent its residential
units closing.

Hugh Brown, spokesperson for the Church of Scotland, said: “It
cannot go on like this forever. The crunch stage is certainly not
far away.”

Source:- The Herald Tuesday 5 June page 1

Index of non-offenders to protect children

People not convicted of any related offence are to be placed on
an at risk index preventing them from working with children or face
going to jail as a consequence.

The Scottish executive proposals are the main plank of planned
new legislation emanating from the aftermath of the Lord Cullen
report into the Dunblane tragedy. Under the scheme, employers and
voluntary organisations will report those who have attracted their
concern and been subject to disciplinary action while not
necessarily a police investigation. Individuals will have rights of
representation and appeal.

Source:- The Scotsman Tuesday 5 June page 2






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