ASA rejects complaints about Barnardo`s advertisements

    The advertising watchdog has rejected complains about
    children’s charity Barnardo’s latest advertising
    campaign which features graphic images of adults who have killed
    themselves, writes Gideon Burrows.

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) investigated a number
    of complaints from people whose relatives died in similar
    circumstances to those depicted, but accepted evidence from the
    charity that the adverts “put across the full seriousness of the
    reality of the problems it was tackling.”

    The adverts aimed to highlight the latest results of poverty and
    abuse suffered during childhood.

    A Barnardo’s spokesperson said the charity had temporarily
    withdrawn one advert, which featured a man hanged in a garage, out
    of sensitivity to recent similar cases in the farming

    Director of marketing at the charity, Andrew Nebel said he was
    delighted with the ASA ruling.

    “We recognise that the new ads are very powerful and present
    challenging, even difficult images. However, the aim is not to
    sensationalise, but to depict the tough reality of issues that are
    facing today’s children,” he said.

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